Come to Masjid – 3D Wallpaper

Come to Masjid - 3D Wallpaper

This is a wallpaper by Aglash. It is mainly in white, bright color with a 3D, computer-generated image of a masjid (mosque) as the main element. The gray background is watermarked with arabic letters and sentences that praise Allah or stating the tenets of islam.

There is a black sentence in arabic in the middle that approximately calling to muslim brothers to come to masjid as soon as hearing the call to prayer or athan.

Other labels:

- masjid kartun - ka bah wallpaper - sketsa masjid - kartun masjid - gambar sketsa masjid - mosque silhouette - wallpaper masjid 3d - background mosque - masjid background - walpaper islami 3d 

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