Muslima in Supplication – Islamic Wallpaper


Here is an islamic wallpaper showing a muslima, muslim woman wearing a jilbab, who is supplicating, or making dua, asking humblely, praying to Allah. The hands are wrapped with tesbih indicating the act of praising Allah before asking Him. It is also a symbol for remembering Allah a lot. An act that is part of a muslim’s way of life. By Muselfrau.

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  1. Awareness of Muslim women start wearing high along with the wearer to abuse that is not Islamic.

  2. javad says:

    it is best fop hijab

  3. It’s are real from hight mind reality or are creatif and inovation men…

  4. anaszubair says:


  5. anaszubair says: ini yg terbaik

  6. oummnassim says:

    Bismi-illah -Rahman-Rahim

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